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gQSPSim: a SimBiology®-based GUI app for standardized QSP model development and application

Iraj Hosseini, PhD and Justin Feigelman, PhD
Scientists at Genentech, Inc in South San Francisco

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) models are often implemented using a wide variety of technical workflows and methodologies. To facilitate reproducibility, transparency, portability, and reuse for QSP models, we have developed gQSPSim, a GUI-based MATLAB® application that performs key steps in QSP model development and analyses.

The capabilities of gQSPSim include 1) model calibration using global and local optimization methods, 2) development of virtual subjects to explore variability and uncertainty in the represented biology, and 3) simulations of virtual populations for different interventions. gQSPSim works with SimBiology®-built models, utilizing components such as species, doses, variants, and rules. All functionalities are equipped with an interactive visualization interface and the ability to generate presentation-ready figures. In addition, standardized gQSPSim sessions can be shared or saved for future extension and reuse.

In this work, we demonstrate gQSPSim’s capabilities with a standard target-mediated drug disposition model and a published model of anti-PCSK9 treatment of hypercholesterolemia.