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For 20 years Rosa has delivered insights to our clients that would be impossible to obtain in any other way.

PhysioPD Research

PhysioPD® Research is a proprietary approach that translates the physiology, disease pathophysiology, and drug pharmacology of interest into a customized and interactive mathematical Research Platform. PhysioPD delivers credible insights that would be impossible to obtain in any other way. It is used by scientists and clinicians to clarify the connection between disease mechanisms, therapeutic interventions, and clinical outcomes. The result is that decision-makers have a dramatic increase in confidence to develop successful clinical trials and product submissions.

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PhysioPD Research

ForecastMD Platform

Rosa's ForecastMD™ Platform credibly identifies what product attributes drive physician uptake. Rosa's proprietary methods and technology can explore a breadth of product profiles and competitive scenarios that would be impossible to explore in any other way. The client receives a durable asset that can be used to fine-tune product features and demonstrate the potential commercial demand in a variety of current and future competitive scenarios over multiple years.

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Rosa’s "Impact" webinar series is renowned for its informative discussions on the use of computer modeling and simulation within the global research and development community. Register for an upcoming webinar or download a webinar from the archives.

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Explore our Worldwide Webinar Series

Recent Highlights

Rosa Co-authors on ISoP Outstanding Research Manuscript Award Article

The International Society of Pharmacometrics has announced the Outstanding Research Manuscript Award for 2023 is “Quantitative systems pharmacology model of the amyloid pathway in Alzheimer's disease: Insights into the therapeutic mechanisms of clini... Read More

Rosa presentations at ACoP14

Rosa will present a talk and a poster at the Fourteenth American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP14). Dr. Friedrich will present “QSP Modelers – Take Your Data Seriously, Not Literally!” during the Roller Coaster 2 session on Wednesday, 11/8/2... Read More

"Rosa is all about doing better science"

—Christina Friedrich, PhD, Chief Engineer, PhysioPD

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