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What is PhysioPD?

PhysioPD Research, Rosa's proven approach to quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP), is a powerful scientific process that translates biology into customized computer models of physiology, disease, and potential or actual drugs. These PhysioPD Research Platforms can be used to help scientists and clinicians gain insights that would be difficult or impractical to obtain in any other way. The result is a dramatic increase in confidence and reduction in risk in pharmaceutical and consumer product research and development.

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What is PhysioPD?

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Recent Highlights

Rosa & Co. Announces Renewal of Multi-Year Research Agreement with Sanofi

Rosa & Co. LLC is pleased to announce the renewal of a multi-year Research Agreement with Sanofi to provide Rosa’s PhysioPD™ services. The continuing collaboration provides Sanofi with competitive research and development advantage with access to... Read More

Rosa to participate and present at the Insulin-Glucose Systems Pharmacology FDA workshop

Rosa & Co announced today that Mike Reed, Chief Scientist at Rosa, and Michael Weis, Senior Engineer at Rosa, will present “Diabetes models big and small – case examples from 15 years of scoping, developing, and qualifying fit-for-purpose models ... Read More

"Rosa is all about doing better science"
—Christina Friedrich, PhD, Chief Engineer, PhysioPD
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