Rosa & Co. LLC is expanding and seeking scientists and modelers

Rosa & Co. LLC is expanding and seeking an Associate Life Scientist, a Senior Life Scientist, as well as a Biological Systems Modeler to join our PhysioPD™ consulting practice. Rosa is a drug-disease modeling and simulation company created to provide innovative modeling solutions to its biopharmaceutical clients and meaningful equity ownership to its employees. Life Scientists and Modeling Engineers work together in our PhysioPD practice to develop physiologically-based, dynamic mathematical models and conduct simulations of disease, drug action, and (pre)clinical studies. Full and part-time employment and project-based contracting opportunities are available throughout the United States. Interested individuals should email their resume or CV and an introductory letter to Rosa is an equal opportunity employer. Upon hiring, proof of eligibility to work in the United States will be required. For more information, download the attached .pdf file