Announcing a New DueDiligenceMD Pharma Asset Research Service and AI/ML Capabilities for PhysioPD

Rosa & Co. is pleased to announce it is offering DueDiligenceMD in addition to the ForecastMD™ Research Platform. For organizations that are evaluating assets for in-licensing, partnering, or acquisition, DueDiligenceMD quantifies and explains the expected physician demand for the asset, based on primary market research and an Excel®-based Revenue Model. DueDiligenceMD projects are typically completed within two weeks.Rosa & Co. is also enhancing our PhysioPD® Research with the use of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques. PhysioPD Research provides biological context, facilitates insight into dynamics and causality, and supports hypothesis generation. Adding AI/ML techniques to PhysioPD Research speeds the identification of networks from data, supports empirical model and Virtual Patient creation, and enriches the insights extracted from simulation results.
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