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Driving Scientific Innovation

PhysioPD Research is a powerful component of modern drug development.

PhysioPD Research complements the expertise and experience of researchers and clinicians, guides more effective experimental and trial design, and enables deeper understanding of empirical data. In essence, PhysioPD Research enables dramatically more effective learning about the connection of drug and disease mechanisms to relevant preclinical and clinical outcomes and supports more confident decisions at all stages in research and development.

PhysioPD is uniquely powerful because it clarifies the connection of complex drug and disease mechanisms to material preclinical and clinical outcomes.

PhysioPD Research Increases Confidence and Reduces Risk.

Rosa develops PhysioPD Research Platforms with the targeted participation of its clients. Rosa’s multi-disciplinary teams quickly curate and integrate hundreds of diverse information sources related to healthy and disease biology and the potential or actual therapeutic effect of a given drug. This rich information base and the unique insights gained from simulations of the PhysioPD Research Platforms increase the confidence in key program decisions and reduce the risk of ambiguous studies in early development and failed trials in late development. This ability of PhysioPD Research to reduce and front-load risk has a transformative impact on the economics of drug development.


Typical Applications of PhysioPD Research

PhysioPD Research is applicable to many significant decisions throughout pharmaceutical and consumer product research and development. All research applications begin with the same task: to elucidate the connection of complex drug and disease mechanisms to material preclinical and clinical outcomes.

  • Evaluate target MOA and viability
  • Prioritize candidate targets
  • Support lead compound selection
  • Translate preclinical to clinical
  • Optimize therapy combinations
  • Guide study and trial designs
  • Inform competitive differentiation
  • Identify potential biomarkers
  • Clarify reasons for (non)response
  • Assess repurposing opportunities

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How are Rosa PhysioPD Research Platforms qualified?

A PhysioPD Research Platform must be deemed credible and "fit" for its specific purpose to be useful to scientists. Rosa qualifies its Research Platforms using its “Model Qualification Method” (MQM), which was developed  by Rosa for PhysioPD Research and is the only published, peer-reviewed methodology of its kind. To learn more about the MQM, contact us. Read the published article in CPT: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology.

Model Qualification Method 1 0

Rosa’s Proven Approach to PhysioPD Research:

  1. Comprehensive Client Enablement

  2. Efficient Client Participation

  3. Unparalleled Therapeutic Breadth

  4. Customized Research Platforms

  5. Unique Scientific Capability

Rosa brings nearly a century of collective PhysioPD research experience.

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"We enable our clients to learn things that would be impractical or impossible to learn from empirical studies alone."
—Mike Reed, PhD, Chief Scientist, PhysioPD
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