Worldwide Webinar Series:

Impact of Modeling & Simulation in Drug Development

Rosa’s Worldwide Webinar Series fosters the adoption of modeling and simulation by informing a broad audience about the strategic impact it can have on all aspects of research and development.

Since its inception in 2011, this complimentary monthly series has featured select speakers from academia, industry, Rosa client companies, and Rosa itself. The series has drawn many thousands of attendees worldwide from all drug development disciplines.

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Valeriu Damian
Valeriu Damian is a QSP and PBPK consultant with 26 years of experience at GSK, where he led the Systems Modeling and Translational Biology department, overseeing the application of QSP and PBPK from discovery through development. A recognized leader in his field, Valeriu has held influential positions in ISoP and ASCPT, championing the advancement of QSP science. He has made significant contributions to QSP model development and tools, as well as PBPK modeling for inhaled, transdermal, ocular, and long-acting injectable delivery systems.

QSP - A must have for me! Current state of QSP science and applications as a key Quantitative Medicine approach

"In an evolving field such as QSP, the webinars allow us to keep ahead with that critical edge of knowledge."