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Making the 'Moster' of Your Poster

Stacey Tannenbaum, PhD, FISoP
Senior Director, Pharmacometrics US Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development, Astellas Pharma, Northbrook, IL

An excerpt from a nightmare: I walk into a giant hotel ballroom, with the air conditioning either off or at subzero temperatures. Before me stretches row after (endless) row of dense text in small font, lengthy tables, detailed equations, technobabble, and busy graphs, which I am expected to fully absorb while being constantly bumped into and distracted by the buzz of 300 conversations. Students in crisp suits stand in front of their posters, tentatively smiling in desperate hope that I will stop by and listen to their 15 minute detailed walk through. But I still have to eat lunch and visit a few exhibitors and network during this limited time. And the coffee urn is down to the dregs, and they are out of Splenda! NOOOO!

It’s no wonder that poster sessions are something I generally dread! But I also know poster sessions can provide exciting science, innovative ideas, collaboration opportunities, productive conversations, and a fantastic opportunity to learn and engage. In this webinar, I will share tips on preparing, perfecting, presenting, and pitching a perfect poster. Guidelines on how to streamline your poster content and crisply focus the messaging will be presented, along with good layout and graphics principles that will make your poster stand out in the crowd. We will discuss how to manage the various types of poster visitors (like “The Browser,” “The Lurker,” and “The Never Ending Questioner”) so you maximize your exposure and focus on the best collaboration opportunities. And in today’s environment where virtual or “e-poster” presentations will become more common, we will learn how to prepare a succinct but high impact summary presentation using good scientific communication practices.

Please help me turn my poster session nightmare into a dream by joining me for this webinar, and share your own stories, tips, tricks, and strategies for making the ‘moster’ … of your poster!