Oral Presentation

T Gordi

Models and their Impact on the Drug Development Process

Presented at the 4th World PK/PD Summit, 2012


C Friedrich

Building Mechanistic Physiological Models to Support Decisions in Drug Discovery & Development: A Proven Systems Pharmacology Approach

Presented at International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP)/Bridgewater, 2012

Oral Presentation

T Gordi

Pharmacokinetics and PhysioPD™ Modeling of Ursodiol in Neonates

Presented at PK/PD Conference, 2012

Conference Presentation

E Hussey, J Cote-Sierra, H Hofland, V Damian-lordache, T Wilde, W Chern, C Friedrich, R Baillie

Physiological model to investigate and prioritize targets for psoriasis

Presented by Stiefel and Rosa at Inflammation Research Association (IRA), 2012

Conference Presentation

T Gordi, C Friedrich, A Blood, S Dueker, R Baillie

Using PK and PhysioPD™ modeling to clarify drug metabolism

Presented by Rosa and Vitalea at the Pacific Coast Statisticians and PharmacometriciansInnovation Conference (PASIPHIC), 2012

MJ Reed, R Baillie, C Friedrich

Non-Invasive Prediction of Beta Cell Mass in Type 2 Diabetes: Insights from a Mathematical model

Presented at American Diabetes Association (ADA), 2012

C Friedrich, R Baillie, R Beaver

In Silico Study of Combination Therapy in Virtual NSCLC Tumor Cells Supports Strategic Development and Treatment Decisions

Presented at American Society of Pharmacometrics (ASoP)/Seattle Pharmacometrics, 2012


C Friedrich

Development of Mechanistic Systems Pharmacology Modeling for Insight and Decision Support

Presented at 3rd Annual World PK/PD Summit, 2012

MJ Reed, R Baillie, C Friedrich

Non-invasive prediction of beta cell mass in type 2 diabetes: Insights from a mathematical model

Presented at Keystone Symposia, Advances in Islet Biology, 2012

R Baillie, C Friedrich, J Bosley, T Maurer, D Tess, D Chen

Emerging insights into Molecular Mechanisms: Novel insights into the importance of insulin degradation in glucose metabolism

Presented at Keystone Symposia, 2012.

"I am grateful to our many clients who have challenged us over the past 15 years to conduct PhysioPD Research on the frontier of science."
—Ron Beaver, PhD, Founder, CEO
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